Leverage The Internet To Start, Launch, & Grow Your BusinessMonetize Your Skills & ExpertiseConfidently Sell Yourself & Build Your Brand

Digital Creator Chic Equips Businesses with actionable strategies, to find their market and monetize their brands, sell their online courses and digital products, build badass sales funnels, and a loyal customer base.


For Freelancers + Creators
Who want to confidently sell themselves, and build a brand they can monetize
For Startup Companies + Service Businesses
Who want to reshape their market position, drive product adoption, achieve product-market fit, and build customer/audience loyalty
For Experts + Coaches
Who want to monetize their skills and expertise, grow their income and live life on their own terms.

Meet Digital Creator Chic

Lucky Elohor is the founder of Digital Creator Chic Enterprise and the convener of the G.R.O.W. Conference: a free yearly virtual event where she empowers and equips entrepreneurs and creators with the resources they need to build winning businesses and solid brands.

Lucky Elohor has partnered and worked with experts and businesses in the US, UK, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Dubai, and many other countries to create and drive the launch of their online courses and programs, clarify their brand message so that they monetize their skills/expertise and services.

She was recognized alongside other thought leaders in the industry in 2022 as 1 of the top 100 creators in Africa.

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Creators + Entrepreneurs
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Watch this free video on how to clarify and simplify your messaging, positioning, and offers to start attracting paying clients and turn off freeloaders


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