Want to Launch Your Online Course and Monetize Your Expertise in 2024?

Want To Discover New Strategies to Relaunch/Repackage Your Course?

Want To Sell Your Course On Automation & Learn How To Serve As Many Students As Possible?

Course Launch Blueprint is a step-by-step hand-holding course that takes you from ideation to creation, marketing, launch, relaunch, and sale of your online course/program

If you’re a beginner and still trying to figure out what to do first before you launch your online course

Or if you do not have the resources to enroll in the Course Launch Blueprint Program (CLB), then this eBook is the way to go.

I have highlighted and broken down in detail 15 things I would do and that I wish I knew before ever launching any of my failed online courses.

This eBook uses examples and carefully explains all you need to do to get started on your own and also ensures you avoid certain mistakes during your online course launch.

Want to learn how to use your words to sell anything to anyone online?

I and my partner (Process Toolbox) created the sell anything to Anyone with Words Bundle just for you

This is a proven step-by-step bundle + Implementation templates that will show you how to write and communicate your offers without losing out on another sale THROUGH YOUR content, ads, sales pages and stories, and many more

Suitable for creators, service providers, small business owners, or anyone who uses the internet to sell.

If you struggle with captions, communicating the value of your offers, creating a content strategy, or writing high-value sales page copies and telling compelling product and customer transformation stories, then this bundle is right for you.

If you’re struggling with communicating your value, selling yourself confidently, and showing up differently.

If you are looking to find your unique voice and position yourself in a way that speaks and connects directly to your audience then the G.R.O.W. Challenge is right for you.

The next cohort is coming in October.

This is also for people who have multiple skills and those who don’t know how to communicate what they do to their audience.

📍 Secure your first or next client 
📍 Establish a strong community and build credibility with your audience both on and beyond social media platforms 
📍 Enhance client retention and deliver tangible results as a Social Media Manager, Content Marketer, coach or service provider (craft a customized client roadmap for scalable growth) to build long-term relationships with clients
📍 Consistently maintain a strong online presence and confidently promote your skills without the fear of coming across as pushy or feeling like a fraud 
📍 You’re a newbie and uncertain about what to offer your audience, we’ll help you create valuable offers that sell and successfully transition from attracting FREELOADER to MONETIZING YOUR BRAND.

If any of the above is what GROWTH means to you then, the 14-day implementation G.R.O.W. Challenge Is For You.

DIY Sales page mini-course is a self-paced course that shows you how to write your sales page copy by providing you a plug-and-play template even if you’re a newbie and also shows you how to build your sales page on platforms like selar and Groove funnels to sell to digital products and programs

This course is for you if you’re looking for how to automate your digital product sales.

DIY sales page minicourse will show you how to not just write compelling and sales drivers copies but also show you how to build your own

Additionally, you will also learn how to set up your products on selar so that you can receive payment automatically from any country of your choice.

And all of these will help reduce the number of manual interactions you will need to have with customers just because you’re launching a course, eBook, or training and increase your chances of selling to more people at any time of the day and from anywhere in the world.

Taiwo Ojo’s CLB story
Frances’s CLB Story
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