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How to Create Offers that People Cannot Say NO to

May I share with you a little secret about how people buy? It may sound strange, but people don’t buy ‘things,’ they buy opportunities!

It’s true. People don’t buy cars, office equipment, electronic gadgets, or even ideas. They buy opportunities like special discounts, long-term financing, bonus products, and simple payment terms.

When you package up all the opportunities you’ve created to sell a product or service, it’s called an ‘offer.’

The key to selling any product or service is to create an irresistible offer that your prospects can’t refuse.

The challenge is to create an offer so irresistible that your prospect says to themselves, ‘I’d be a darned fool if I said ‘no’ to this opportunity.’

9 Must-try Pre-Launch Marketing Strategies

The great e-commerce myth is that having the right products, a beautiful site design and stunning product photography is all you need to get people to pull out their wallets. Those are the table stakes—the cost of entry.
You might prove the exception if you’re launching your product to a group of people who are interested in what you’re doing in the first place. However, most stores are launching to the wrong people, if anyone at all.

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